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Fashion style leather zipper package with which leather?
Jun 02, 2017

Zipper bag package, including handbags, shoulder bags, coin purses, key cases, card bags and other leather products, taking into account their cost, mass production, quality and other issues, the first layer of leather and the first layer of sheepskin and other skin Material is commonly used in fashion style leather zipper bag processing quality choice. Because the sheepskin and leather are more durable and wear, and feel very good two kinds of leather, and can be mass production of materials, but also conducive to product design and production, serve multiple purposes.

The first layer of sheepskin with the production of zipper messenger bag more, because this package type for the stereotypes of the requirements are not very strict, the focus is on the softness of the feel, this is the core of this leather zipper bag processing, different Product type requirements for product quality are not the same. There is also a female wallet also used more than the first layer of sheepskin, or the softness of the leather material requirements are relatively high it

The application of the first layer of leather on a little wider, whether it is hand bag, business card package, card package, key bag, or Messenger bag and other leather zipper bag processing can be used. Although the leather feel a little harder, but the overall texture, color, brightness and other characteristics are still very good, the quality of the products produced is also very high quality, on the grade.

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