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Leather wallet how to remove the smell
Jun 05, 2017

Leather wallet how to remove the smell? Dermis generally have some smell (also known as the smell of the animal itself), and for those of us who do not understand the removal of the people is a big trouble, then how should we remove?

7 ways to remove the odor:

1, remove the dermis odor, the easiest way is to keep the room ventilated, air circulation dermal odor volatile faster.

2, with grapefruit skin or orange peel to remove the dermis smell, about a week or so, the smell of leather will slowly subsided, leaving a touch of fragrance.

3, with pineapple to remove the skin smell, put a cut pineapple, you can absorb the smell of leather, after a hint of fruity fruity.

4, with bamboo charcoal or activated carbon to absorb the smell of leather, bamboo charcoal natural adsorption function makes it a deodorant to share, the smell of leather can be quickly eliminated.

5, with tea to eliminate the smell of leather, tea has a good absorption, can absorb a variety of smell, the tea in a small bag, can eliminate the smell.

6, with lemon to smell, if you want the effect more quickly, put the lemon cut into pieces, can make the air clean, aromatic.

7, with the burning of the honeycomb, but must be burned, the effect is particularly good, it is best to use the shape of the complete honeycomb, with reference to the principle of adsorption.

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