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Made leather wallet with which leather is more cost-effective?
Jun 02, 2017

As long as the production of leather goods are related to the issue of production costs, which is a topic can not be avoided, both supply and demand in the production process to reduce costs, then it is necessary from the cost of custom leather wallet cost of the largest leather Material to start, so as to minimize the cost. So how can we not affect the quality of products under the premise of reducing the cost of leather procurement.

Cowhide and sheepskin is the most used for processing the two kinds of leather wallet, comprehensive cost is also a comparative advantage of the material, relatively speaking, the frequency of making leather wallet is higher, one because it feels good, Stereotypes are also very good results, but also a certain degree of softness, the price is also we can accept the range, so that leather is a better choice.

For example, you can start from the suppliers of leather materials, the amount of procurement is relatively large, you can ask the material suppliers to reduce the price requirements, in addition, if it is a long-standing supplier, then the price is still very good to speak, So when you make a custom leather wallet, try to choose some of the older formal factory to do the goods for you, because such a manufacturer of leather resources is very much.

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