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Men's wallet custom brand classification which?
Jun 05, 2017

Men's wallet custom brand classification which? For white-collar workers and above, the wallet is also a very able to reflect their own status and taste of the items, then it needs to understand what brand of men's wallet classification.

Men's wallet custom

Wallet this thing is not a necessity, many people may not buy a few hundred years. So, when we need to buy wallet, because of its unfamiliar, do not understand, may seem at a loss. Then we will be on the men's wallet to buy this theme, from the brand, price, style, color, and so we generally concerned about several aspects of chat to talk about, hoping to help you.

Currently on the market men's wallet brand, can be divided into four categories:

The first category is the latest rise of professional wallet brand

Such as Hao Shield, Fei Ge, and so on. This brand is the industry's new force, workmanship, materials are more intentions, in addition to the style of practical innovation on the more innovative, such as multi-purpose wallet, personal package, etc., are from their hands.

The second category is the traditional leather goods brand

Extended out of the production line, such as seven wolves, Playboy, Scarecrow, woodpecker. This type of brand, its work materials, of course, did not say, but the relative and Hao Shield and other brands, that is, its style may not be so rich, that is, we usually see the two, no major changes.

The third category is the international luxury brand extension of the product line

Such as LV (Louis Vuitton), Parada (Prada), COACH (Coach), such a brand under the purse price is generally in the thousands or thousands of dollars, or even million. Such brands are specifically prepared for the high Fu Shuai, while its style is also leading the fashion trend. Strong economic ability of friends can choose this, for personal use or give away everything.

The fourth category is the men's wallet custom

This is for those who want to have a different and able to reflect the personality of the men to provide a kind of program, looking at someone else that wallet is no change in the monotony, but their own wallet is different, which reflects The status and taste of their own.

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