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Shoulder bag is a new choice for men's bags
Jun 02, 2017

Most of the men who visited the workplace said that they would not necessarily choose the traditional sense of the parcel, more often are bags, handbags or backpack used as a "briefcase" to cope with a variety of different work occasion. Summed up the principle of everyone to buy a package, the basic include: first, choose dark, easier to match clothes. Second, simple but not simple design, there is a certain degree of detail is very important. Third, to have texture, the preferred leather texture, the whole skin or now popular leather and fabric mix is also good. Fourth, absolutely not only hand bag, think about your hand carrying a bag, the other hand holding a coffee or glass, but also how to shake hands with the guests?

Shoulder bag, new choice of workplace

Also thought that the shoulder bag is only a good memory of the student era? Today's tide male uncle can not let go to sell the vigorous magic device, shoulder bag with a suit shirt, so full of creative fashion posture of course, there must be a quality package as a basis. In recent years, brands have introduced suitable for the costume dress shoulder bag, carrying such a package to get off work, the whole person is not also feel more dynamic?

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