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What is the difference between high-end wallet customization and wallet OEM?
Jun 02, 2017

The relationship between high-end customization and OEM is included, the former is included in the latter, so that the latter range is broader, it includes low-end, mid-range, high-end grade of the wallet of the grade level. And high-end wallet custom range includes only a level, personalized things more prominent point, consider the details of the design than the usual wallet OEM way to come more advanced, so that the two very good to distinguish between the two The

For those who require relatively high consumer groups, high-end wallet customization is the best way to meet their needs. Because this level of customization of the main personalized product design, strict leather screening process, as well as strict hardware accessories custom process, there are five-star pre-sale service, which is other grades of wallet products do not have The advantages.

We usually understand the purse oem is actually on behalf of behalf of the meaning of processing, there is no other special meaning, on behalf of the processing of cooperation, including three, namely, processing, to map processing and sample processing. These services are also included in the range of high-end purse customized services.

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