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What is the process of leather wallet production?
Jun 02, 2017

Genuine leather wallet production process is as follows:

1) procurement of leather and hardware, as well as the production of accessories.

2) open materials, including shovel skin, making wallet accessories

3) secondary shovel skin, embossing, shovel to scrap, leather embossed pattern

4) oil side, wallet four sides polished, color

5) pressure stamp, embossed corporate logo logo

6) within the grid car line, flat car line,

7) large car line, interior assembly

8) quality inspection

9) contact the customer shipping

The nine steps are the process of all wallet wallet production process, processing wallet is a complex and professional process, take some time to complete the production of large goods, which is why some models need a longer delivery period, there are Of the style required for the relatively short delivery period.

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