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As A Man You Backpack It?
Jun 02, 2017

Men's backpack and the meaning of a woman's backpack is really different, the bag is a woman is an ornament, the man is really because the clothes pocket no less than the choice of personal items, so the practical nature of the male bag is the most important feature, Easy to use.

White-collar men should choose a suitable men's bag a single product to match their own dress. Decent men's official documents can only enhance the men's fashion taste, but also to let the mood of men to stretch, in addition to dull clothing and office style of the bright spot.

Handbags for many women is a charismatic weapon, but for men, now men's handbags in the office when the face is a symbol of the face. The biggest advantage of this type of bag is the capacity of large, suitable for business success of men.

More and more people in the weekend, holiday backpack, away from the city, and nature intimate contact, experience the most simple life, relax tired body and mind. Backpack, is used to load the material equipped with the backpack. Because of its scientific design, reasonable structure, easy loading items, comfortable and relaxed on the back, conducive to long journey, so by people's favorite.

Wallet according to its style can be divided into long wallet, short wallet; long wallet shape known for rectangular, longer length.

If something more and put the wallet in the bag, then to choose a long wallet is appropriate. Compared with the short wallet, long wallet is more atmospheric.

Short wallet length and width are shorter, generally close to the square, if the money is often the pocket pocket, then a short wallet is appropriate