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Correct Package, And Fashion To Keep Zero Distance
Jun 02, 2017

Bag and color

In the bag, jewelry and clothing with the color plays a pivotal role. The overall color is the same level of shades of the mix, can create a generous and elegant shape. Bags and wearing a strong contrast to the color, such as black dress with red bags and shoes, is a bright spot with the personality; bags can also be in the floral skirt or printed shirt pattern of any choice of any color, The overall feeling of lively but yet elegant style.

2. Bag and height

Large bags are popular, but how to choose according to the height will not seem cumbersome. If the height of 165 cm or more, should try to choose a total length of about 60 cm, can be erected into a magazine size of the bag; height of 158 cm below, you should choose a total length of about 50 cm, can be sideways into the magazine size Of the bag, elongated body proportions.

3. bags and gestures

With a small shoulder bag can be used when the armpit fixed bag, to avoid the bag before and after the swing; handbag should be pulled in the arm, elbow naturally against the waist line into 90 degrees; no bag can be a single Hand in the chest, or along the length of the arm naturally entrusted near the location of the thigh, the sisters should not bring the bag in the armpit Oh!

4. bags and leather

Common natural leather in the thumb under the pressure will appear fine lines, the better the grade, the flexibility and fullness of the leather the better. Common goatskin pattern showing wavy arrangement, thick and meticulous; yellow leather pattern dense, the pores were irregularly arranged; pigskin surface is more rough, the pattern is usually a group of three pores distribution, can be hard to soft.

5. bags and manual

No matter how much time you use to buy a bag, want to buy a fine workmanship. Select the style, before the payment must be carefully checked the surface of the bag and the mezzanine is not sewn place, the strap is strong outside the connection; if metal accessories, be sure to understand whether the material is easy to fade, zippers and buttons Function is perfect and so are not negligible steps.