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Custom Men's Leisure Backpack Choose What Material Fabric Better
Jun 02, 2017

The use of daily luggage, the more common backpack, shoulder bag or handbag, etc., and men use the luggage, more inclined to backpack, on the one hand the main capacity is large, can be installed more items, another Side is the backpack is both convenient, but also the release of hands, can travel more relaxed and comfortable. Then make a quality men's casual backpack, choose what material fabric better?

 There are many types of fabric, such as nylon, canvas, Oxford cloth, plastic PP, PC, PVC, ABS, leather, leather, leather, synthetic leather, etc. The And the production of men's casual backpack, the choice of leather fabric to produce good, grade is also high, but the price is indeed not cheap, so many people will not choose leather to make backpacks, and choose a strong waterproof, wearable, durable Oxford cloth instead.


Compared to the high-priced leather, custom men's leisure backpack to choose Oxford cloth material fabric better, in addition to Oxford cloth with waterproof, wear-resistant, durable and other characteristics, the relatively cheap price, and the production of men's leisure Backpack quality is not too bad.