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Fashion Cloth With Skin Men Show Your Personality Taste
Jun 02, 2017

Big bag naturally large type

Many men will feel a woman very strange, always like a particularly large bag, there are so many things good to install it? In fact, the big bag of atmospheric fashion is difficult to reach the package, the male bag is also bigger and bigger, no one Field show is not find a big bag of the figure. The inspiration of these bags is derived from the travel bag, their commonality is that there are edges and corners and a considerable sense of the appearance of sculpture, are generally made of very hard leather or hard crimp wrap. In addition to pure travel bag, those specifications slightly smaller with a little sailor bag style bag in the daily life which is also very eye-catching, the boys can try it. And more mature and stable point of the men can travel in a short bag, such as YSL MUSE maximum male package is a good choice, although a bit heavy.

In addition to hand bag, big shoulder bag also began to return to the trend, very holiday style. BALLY new beige shoulder bag and wind buckle pocket design, back as if "on the road". And ZZegna a new cabinet with nine big buttons as a decorative shoulder bag is very design sense, black thick canvas also makes people feel very durable, there are outdoor sense. Of course, shoulder bag shoulder a very fashionable, simply back in the season's T stage is also very common, especially with a pair of glasses, a little "geek" style, suitable for the influx of people to follow.

Shoulder bag Messenger is enough "type"

Shoulder bag is one of the most practical category, especially for those who can not get rid of the "package is a container of things" concept of the man, not too big shoulder bag is the most right. This season's shoulder bag must have a long enough shoulder strap or simply shorter but the package is relatively large. Long straps can be messed over, the length is just like the buttocks, too long seemed collapse, too short and not enough fashion. The specific length of the grasp of GUCCI08 spring and summer show no example of the model it

Another kind of short bag with the shape of the shoulder bag is horizontal development, horizontal edge must be longer than the vertical, it is best to be a horizontal bar can also carry their hands. Inspired by bowling bag. This package is often with a sports style, Y-3, GianfrancoFerre have such a package.

Neutral style try "type" is not "type"

Neutral style bag this season is particularly large. GUCCI addition to Huang Xiaoming endorsement of that section of the red version of the Olympic version of the bag, also introduced a series of selection of crocodile skin or lamb hair and decorated with a prominent GUCCI shield emblem totem package. TOD "S also launched crocodile skin bag, and gradient processing.Lanvin's travel bag is made of ice-stained leather, Y-3 also has reddish brown patent leather male package, visible paint bright visual effect is the season reflects the neutral Mainstream.

In addition to the bright colors, fabrics feel neutral neutral, the type of bag also has a neutral trend, BottegaVeneta this year's men bag full of neutral details, the leather is very delicate weaving details, the package also showed a trapezoidal, broken Most of the men's rectangular shape, especially the top of the package openings are very large, with the kind of traditional men's bag zipper opening compared to a far cry. PRADA also introduced such an open bag, and the color is bright yellow or bright blue with zebra pattern.

Briefcase fashion transformation

Briefcase in this season also changed the old-fashioned face. Such as TOD "S Barrister bag on the so-called" for the rigid office to add vitality, in the sub-seconds fight the world of struggle, let go away with warm ", the use of soft leather and nylon with, and the type is no longer square But the horizontal development of the handbag also uses a softer fabric and more vivid colors, such as PRADA there is a shoulder bag in the design to be improved handbag, with a soft skin to make, in the same style Under the package wrapped up.Hermes handbags also have a similar, usually open, folded up into a evening bag can be.

This kind of money is not to let the men take it to attend the dinner, but for those who bring little of the men out of business use.