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Genuine Leather Bag Maintenance Skills
Jun 02, 2017

Genuine leather bag maintenance skills

1, keep dry, stored in a cool place. Do not directly exposed to the sun, it will make your beloved bag fade, deformation;

2, avoid exposure, fire roast, washed, sharp objects impact and contact with chemical solvents;

3, handbag without any water treatment procedures, wet handbags, please use a soft cloth wipe dry, to prevent the stain or watermark leaving the surface wrinkles. If used in the rain, should pay special attention;

4, leather bags do not, it is best placed in the cotton cloth on behalf of the preservation, do not put in plastic bags, because the plastic bag air is not in circulation, will make the leather too dry and damaged. The package is best stuffed with some soft toilet paper to keep the shape of the bag;

5, sanding skin should avoid wet water, should be raw rubber and special cleaning supplies care, should not use shoe polish;

6, should be careful to protect all metal parts, humid and high salt environment will cause oxidation. Save leather purse method;

7, should not just use shoe polish;

8, every day using the same bag, it is easy to cause cortical elastic fatigue, so as much as possible to use more than one; bag if you do not care wet, you can first dry towel to dry the water, which plug some newspapers and the like Dry.