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Genuine Leather Bag Purchase Tips
Jun 02, 2017

1, see the leather surface of the leather surface has a clearer pores, patterns, leather pores and dense, irregular arrangement, cortical smooth. Yellow leather has more symmetrical fine pores, goatskin fish scales of the pores;

2, to see the cortex of the edge of the cross-section of the leather bag, wallet and other cortical side of the edge turned out to see, leather cortex more loose, animal fibers, and artificial leather is more closely, no fiber. Is no matter how good the leather, the edge can not do with the same leather; 

3, with your fingers to press the leather surface with the fingers of the skin press, the surface will have small wrinkles, when the fingers lifted, the wrinkles immediately disappear is the leather. Artificial leather and synthetic leather is no wrinkles, individual press after wrinkles, it will not be obvious natural disappear;

4, with the nail pinch the surface of the cortical pinch out of the nail traces, and soon disappeared and restore the original is the leather, can not be restored or a long time to restore the fake skin;

5, the smell of skin dermis and fake skin can also be distinguished by the smell, really skin is clearly a kind of animal smell, and fake skin relative to the more time to stimulate the plastic taste;

6, lit from the dermis and leather back to tear a little fiber, lit, after the issue of pungent smell, knot is the artificial leather; all hair hair smell, not hard knot is leather;

7, dripping water droplets will drop in the skin surface, a few minutes after the spread of water through the pores, you can see the obvious wet spots, indicating that the leather is absorbing water, it is proved to be leather.