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How To Keep The Bag Beautiful
Jun 02, 2017

How to keep the bag beautiful

Beautiful women will use cosmetics to care for their own skin, so that they remain beautiful.

So want to keep your bags still beautiful? Grace technology, 19 years focus on leather goods processing coup Oh

To give you how to give bags to do care it

A, daily care, daily simple care, can make handbags as long as new, longer life.

1, regular use of the same color of the cream to wipe the handbag, leather material can keep bright and moist, but to avoid the use of liquid oil.

B, each leather has a different character, so the need for different care methods and the use of appropriate care

1, flannel: wipe with a damp velvet handbag surface stains, and then put into the ventilation naturally dry.

2, cowhide, sheepskin: coated with high-quality leather on the flannel, the skin surface of the dirt removed, and then a little hard cloth to work hard in the bag back and forth to wipe.

3, the skin: the use of soft hair in the leather surface along the same direction gently wipe the stains, can make the texture smooth; also available raw rubber and fur with cleaning supplies to remove stains, but not wiping ointment.