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Men's Shoulder Bag Commonly Used Materials Which
Jun 02, 2017

Daily use of the bag, the shoulder bag is one of the more frequently used tool luggage, which is mainly played a practical and convenient. And the use of daily shoulder bag, men shoulder bag relative to the ladies shoulder bag, whether in the design style or material selection, are relatively small, that the production of men's shoulder bag commonly used materials which? Men's shoulder bag generally have both business and leisure style, and shoulder bag production style is related to its production of materials and design. There are many commonly used materials, such as nylon, canvas, polyester, etc .; there are more commonly used leather materials, such as leather, man-made, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, the United States, Skin, PU leather and so on. In general, the business men's shoulder bag commonly used material is leather material, and casual men's shoulder bag will generally choose cloth material.


Luggage production materials are generally fabric, leather, plastic and metal, and men's shoulder bag commonly used materials are leather and cloth these two categories. It is necessary to produce a number of high-quality men's shoulder bag, select the material is important, shoulder bag manufacturers are also very important choice.