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What Are The Differences Between Cowhide And Sheepskin In The Luggage Material?
Jun 02, 2017

There are many kinds of materials that can be made into luggage, such as nylon, canvas, oxford cloth and so on, which are more common in cloth materials, PC, ABS, PP in plastic material, aluminum-magnesium alloy in metallic material, Leather, sheepskin, pig skin, etc., then make a high-quality leather bags, that bag material in the leather and sheepskin What are the differences?


To achieve a certain thickness and fastness of the cow is very suitable for the production of handbags, mainly because of its own very strong characteristics, can make the production of luggage more durable wear resistance. The cowhide material in addition to the texture of solid, but also has excellent soft and delicate feel, flexibility, toughness and other characteristics, and the cowhide pores small and close, full of leather, made into a very beautiful bags. The luggage in the sheep's leather surface pores are relatively clear and oblate, and is composed of a few groups as a group like a fish-like structure. And the use of sheepskin material made of luggage, the leather delicate delicate, soft, clear lines, and the surface very smooth, but relative to the leather luggage, the brightness is still relatively bleak, if forced squeeze, there are obvious wrinkles , And relatively easy to scratch, torn.